1 second freezes in games


I had my new PC built last week.
intel i7 8700k
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 WINDFORCE OC 8G
cooler master mwe bronze 650
ballistix sport ddr4 16gb
gigabyte z370 ultra gaming
samsung 500gb ssd
seagate barracuda 2 tb
I got in games like the single player of battlefield 1 or gta 5 small freezes of 1 second.

I've already installed the drivers of my graphics card to an older version.
then gta's problems almost stopped, only those of the battlefield get worse.
Furthermore with hd tune I also benchmarkt my disk:
min: 3.7
max: 200.7
mediated: 62.5
Access time: 16.1
burst rate: 234.2

by need for speed i got no problems (is installed on my ssd) but after i instald the hdd nfs als get the problems.
I hafe updated the bios to the latest .
could it be that that my hdd is going to sleep mode after 1 minuut.
If i bachmark the framerate of games i don't see weird drops.
I really don't now it anymore.
can annyone help me.
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