I7 7700k and H80i, scary high temps with no explanation!

First off I understand there is an "answered" post for a post with the same issue, but that guy just forgot to plug in the cooler to the cpu_fan header.. my issue is a big one with many variables so please stick with me :(.

Upgrading a computer I built a couple years ago.(only upgraded the ram, mb, and cpu so far)Relevant specs are as followed;
Cpu: i7-770k
Cpu cooler: Corsair H80i
RAM: 16g
GPU: GeForce 970 gtx
Mobo: Asus Maximus IX Hero
Case: Phantom full tower case.
(Nothing is overclocked)

Heres the problem, after many failed attempts to get past errors on startup,(errors with cpu_fan header not reading a fan) after research and finding out to set the cpu_fan monitor to ignore to get to my desktop(you think you could just plug in the cable from the water block into the aio_pump header directly next to the cpu_fan header, but apparently it's better to use the cpu_fan header even when using an aio pump like the h80i[that's what my research told me anyways]).......

***Well now even on idle I'm reaching temps between 65-79°C. With only Google chrome open, it'll get between 80-89° and might jump up to the 90s before I begin to crap myself. I understand that's wayyy too high, even given that the i7 7700k has reviews for running high.***

Here's what I've done, after research I learned the h80i has an issue with gap space caused by the backplate connected to the MB; so I put in washers to minimize that completely. I reapplied "TG-7 Thermaltake" paste to the cpu, double, triple checked connections between the header/water block. I even tried connecting the water block to the aio_pump header and connecting one of the radiator fans to the cpu_fan header but holy good Lord was that thing loud.(loud because temperature was sky high). When plugged into the cpu_fan header, I try controlling via Corsair Link but there are zero options to manage, as if nothing is connected. Weirdest part is, through the Asus MB software tool, it shows my MB temp staying at a constant 11°c.... When the two different 3rd party programs tell me it's in the high 80s/90s.

I'm all out of ideas, I keep thinking I didn't use enough or used too much paste but after the 5th kindergarten level how-to video I saw, I feel fairly confident... is my h80i just busted and time for me to get a new cooler?? I'm keeping power off until I can figure something out. Please help me obi-wan kenobi, you're my only hope..(I have to be silly or else I'd be crying myself to sleep lol)

Thank you!!
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  1. it cannot be cooler than ambient temps, so Im guessing the Asus tool is a bit off... What does for example msi afterburner say about your temps? The 7700K is notoriously hard to keep cool, and you might be better off getting a big air cooler. Like the cryorig h5 or a big noctua one.
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  2. Just for info: 7700k is one of those procs that might need to be beheaded/delided to make it cool.

    You can try any another cooler, your H80i is perhaps not fully working e.g. pump is not running correctly, etc.
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  3. that idle temp is indicative of heat not moving off the CPU, so either dead pump, airlock, or poor contact.
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