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A couple days ago my computer crashed on me, it was fine when I left the house but when I got back I found it frozen. My case lights were working but my keyboard lights were frozen(it was on rain setting for corsair k70). There was no display at all. My reset button would not work and neither would my power button. My only option was flipping the switch on my psu to try to restart my computer. Upon restart I got a message saying I needed to revert back to a previous settings so I did. Ever since then my splash screen changed from the small msi logo to a full screen black and grey old school msi logo. Any ideas on how to change it back? Everything else on my system is fine but that. I have an msi Z270 A pro motherboard.
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  1. In the BIOS > Advanced Mode options > Boot;

    Full Screen Logo Display [Enabled]
    Enables or disables to show the full screen logo while system POST.
    [Enabled] Shows the logo in full screen.
    [Disabled] Shows the POST messages.
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