PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Early Access

This game sales have exceeded 20 million.Meanwhile, officials say they understand that many players are unhappy with some of the problems and the development team is working on it, hoping to give you a really good "escape kill" experience.
It's worth expecting the later change
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    Yes and? The question being?
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  2. I want to how much do you spent on it? I'm considering buying the game, but the price keeps rising,so I have some hesitation.
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  3. The price might go up if the game releases. The game is almost never on sale. Either get a good offer from g2a for less than 30 euro, or wait for winter sale and hope for more than 25%
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  4. Yes.I saw the price less than €28 on Nokeys, but they said had to wait a few days because out of stock. Maybe can be cheaper when Black Friday comes to.
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