WDC ROM MODEL HAWK--- in device manager

hard drive is doing stupid things.
it is western digital 250 internal hdd .

it was in my previous pc . its motherboard died . hard drive was fine.
i kept it for 2 years in static back of its. but i could access it and remove some of the files what i needed at that time before storing it.

now i need another hard drive for another pc.
i took this out and plug it in.
it didnt worked. couldnt see in bios. clicking and ticking noise.
after hard and long time some how i got it working in windows and then clicking and ticking stopped and i could access both of its partition. one was windows drive and other was active drive for torrents, office files, movies and extra.
once i got it worked the name changed back to its original from wdc rom model hawk-- ,
second, i could transfer from and to any drive with good speed without any issues of any kind.

now thinking it working i was soooo happy and first i removed every files and movies from it to external back up (NEver though this would happened so i didnt removed it long time ago).
Now the issue today, i cant access it again , both drives are vanished.
what could be the wrong......
the circuit???? could that be or is it internal..... but if internal how could i access everything without issues
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