i5 6600k heat spreader dished in the middle?

I had to the motherboard in my new desktop for rma recently. When I cleaned the thermal paste off my cooler, I noticed marks on the bottom of it that made it look to me like the cpu heat spreader was contacting mostly around the outside edge (see pic). I only have a mild overclock on it for now and the temps are in the safe range, but higher than i expected at 4.5 ghz. peaking about 80-82 under continued use. My cooler is a coolermaster hyper 212 evo. I know its not the best but I'm poor. Do those temps sound about right? Are they high because of the cheap cooler? Could I really have a slight dish in the center of my heat spreader pushing temps up?

Also from the beginning, the temps seem to rise and drop extremely quickly. Its normal for it to change 20+ degrees C in less than a second. This is my first new desktop in a long time. My last system was an Athlon64. Are those spikes and drops normal for an I5 6600k? I have a notebook with a 2nd gen I7 and it doesn't spike and drop like that. Could it be a problem with Core Temp?

I appreciate any insight anyone may have.

Asus z170-a
I5 6600k
asus gtx 1060 6GB
Gskill ripjaws 4 ddr4 3200 8GB
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB
Seasonic m12 II Bronze evo 620w
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    it wouldn't take a half a thousandths (.0005") to produce those marks. And a half thou tolerance would be an extremely high manufacturing tolerance to maintain.

    On my two Noctura coolers, i noticed on both, the heat sink plate had a slight crown in the center, which when the heatsind is tightened down, would level out - i suspected then and even moreso now, the crown was intentional to ensure full contact across the entire heat sink.

    But your thermal past should have compensated for that concave crown (or "dished out" in the center)
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