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Hey so i recently got an dell optilex 990 mini and an raedon r9 380 4gb the only problem is that i dont know what psu to get.So, please help
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  1. A decent 550w WOULD BE IDEAL.
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  2. A Radeon R9 380 needs about 28 amps on the 12+ rail and a 500 watt power supply with at least 2 - PCIE connections.
    Thermaltake 550w.
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  3. Are you sure.I just dont want to heat it up
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  5. maybe some other alternatives would be nice
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    Seasonic is usually a price/ performance/ quality winner.
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    5.5" x 5.9" x 3.4"

    Needs to be about these dimensions or it won't fit the the DELL 990 MT.
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  8. khizeraamir95 said:

    Yes that should be fine it's the right dimensions , see my post just above this one.
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