Does Cryorig R1 Universal fit ASUS TUF z270 mk1.

Ive had this Cryorig R1 universal for sometime now. It's BULKY but I really like it as it is. Now I wanted to change motherboards and CPU and I'm really obsessed with the aesthetics of the ASUS TUF z270 mk1. but im worried the plastic shrouds will interfere with the bulky tower cooler. From where I live there arent many stores that sell the ASUS board I want or would allow me to open a sealed box of it (for testing) w/o confirming purchase so that's not an option.

Q: has anyone here tried and confirmed they are compatible?

I prefer more than assumptions at the moment I've already got enough from the Cryorig email team who doesnt have any idea except to tell me the shroud "may" interfere but cant confirm.

Thanks in advance.
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  2. rocktalkrock said:

    I've checked it... Its exactly what I need. Thanks
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