Multi-core gaming and the future of quad core CPUs?

So as Hex core and above starts to become more common in the next few years, I'm wondering how Quad core processors will fare in future games optimized for more cores.

I'm currently building a new system and my initial plan was to go with an i5 8600k (6 core), but budget concerns have me leaning more towards the i3 8350k (4 core). At the moment there's going to be little difference between them in most games, but I'm wondering how that might change in the future.

Basically I want to know what I might be losing out on over the next 5 years or so with games optimized for 6-8 cores? Will a 4-core CPU run into any actual significant performance losses in a situation like that?
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  1. It will be significantly future proof to go with 6 cores. You can go with i5 8400 which is a very capable processor. No overclockability, but perfect with B360 chipset during Q1 2018, if you can wait for few months.
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    Not many things will use a Hex core to its full potential, but there are games that do and I would expect that list to grow. The Division will use 80 to 90% of my i7 5820k, BF1 uses it quite a bit as well, I would avoid quad cores my self, even for gaming. If you want to stream or record, the extra cores do come in handy not only to throw the work on the extra cores but for rendering as well.
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