Ryzen 5 1600 OC Help

Hello, I was able to oc my r5 1600 to 3.75ghz with the stock voltage(1.264V) but now that I am trying to change the voltage to 1.3V cpu z and hwmonitor says my cpu speed is at 1550mhz. This only happens if I change the voltage. Then I change it back to the stock voltage and my cpu speed goes back up to 3.75ghz. With the stock voltage and 3.75ghz speed my temps are 30c idle and under load it only went up to 41c. Any thoughts?

PC Specs:
CPU: ryzen 5 1600
CPU COOLER: BeQuiet! Dark rock pro 3
MOBO: msi b350 Tomahawk
RAM: adata xpg 16gb 2133
GPU: Radeon r9 270x
PSU:Raidmax 750w 80plus bronze
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  1. I have issues aswell Going over 3.66ghz
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  2. Ahmed Kader said:
    I have issues aswell Going over 3.66ghz

    Did you also try to turn up your voltage? And how are your temps? Thanks for the reply mate
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