Msi X370 Pro Carbon No post-No boot-No leds

Hello, I just bought Msi X370 Pro Carbon - ryzen 5 1600 - hyperx 2666mhz drr4 - gtx1060 3gb - corsair vs550. When i push power button no leds at all. fans work fine everywhere. black screen with hdmi - dvi of vga. only small red led in second ram slot where i have one dim. Any idea? I have to lose 1-2 months to send for bios update?
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  1. If you use HDMI or DVI-D you need an active adapter if you connect it to VGA
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  2. move the memory to a different spot.
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  3. I dont have active adapter and i did not see anywhere this solution. Is there any other way ?
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  4. Zerk2012 said:
    move the memory to a different spot.

    I did in every single slot with 5 different dims.
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  5. So is it HDMI or DVI to VGA?? If it is you need an active adapter
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  6. I tried cpu - ram to asus rog mobo and eveything start correctly. Use different ram - cpu - psu to msi and still nothing. Case to msi for doa asap.
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