Sound Really low and awful static noises coming from custom pc

help please,

I built a new pc a few months ago and i noticed a problem with the audio after a few weeks of using it. After a few minutes of listen to something on youtube or playing a game the audio just goes really low and when i turn it up to about 50 it makes and unbearable static and popping sound. and it will stay like that until i restart my pc or turn it back on from rest mode, but then it just happens again. I use headphones connected to the motherboard audio in the back of the pc.

my specs are:
intel core i7 6700k
msi 1070 gaming X
G.Skill trident z 16gb ram
corsair rm85x

I would really appreciate some help so i don't have to deal with this shitty issue
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  1. Windows has a built-in feature that "When Windows detects communications activity" it will "Reduce the Volume of Other Sounds by 80%". You can turn this feature on or off in "Control Panel > Sound > Communications".

    Take a look at the link and see if it helps.
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  2. I tried that and I thought it worked a for a little while but it just happened again
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  3. 1. You did not identify the motherboard in your specs.

    2. In Control Panel > Device Manager > Sound, video and game controllers, how many audio controllers do you see? Maybe they are conflicting, so try disabling all but one and see what happens.
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  4. That worked. thank you very much
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