Windows 10 boot not working hellppppp

Hey guys I need some help, so first off I have a MSI 760GMA-P34 motherboard, heres the link to all the specs;:, Now a couple days ago I tried turning on my pc and windows wouldn't boot up, i need to do a clean install however i cant because it wont go through, I've tried using the windows 10 reinstallation disc and even created a boot media on a usb, both option go to a stupid black screen with a small white line at the top left flickering, at this point idk what to do and ive heard people talk about switching boot mode from legacy and shit but can figure it out, someone please help
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  1. you wanna set in BIOS boot priority first if you gonna use dvd so set it up :)
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  2. Does it really require you to swear?
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  3. vrumor said:
    Does it really require you to swear?

    what does swearing hurt your feeling?
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  4. Greg Gregorich said:
    you wanna set in BIOS boot priority first if you gonna use dvd so set it up :)

    yeah sadly this wont work either ive set it up as the first one and the blackscreen with a white cursor at the top left flickers
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  5. try clear cmos
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  6. Doesnt hurt my feelings at all, its against the forum rules.
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  7. I often wonder why that word is classed as swearing while another four letter word describing the same product is perfectly acceptable.

    I'll take it up with the other Mods in our prvate bar-room but I think the criteria is based on what may be heard on TV by children before a certain hour in the evening.

    For now, I'll leave it there. I had to read the post twice before I even saw it.

    As to the problem, maybe a change in BIOS from AHCI to IDE would fix things. The reference to Legacy might mean USB Legacy Support which, without being enabled, doesn't allow power to the USB Ports until Windows cuts in which, in these circumstances, ain't going to happen.
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