Rx 580 8gb or gtx 1060 6gb

Hey ppl, I've seen some reviews and everything, I've also seen some fps rating of both gpus, but just couldn't make a decision.

Price difference is minimal, so could you guys help me choosing which one would be better ?

Due to the fps rating I'd rather go for gtx 1060 6gb but due to the 8 gb of the rx, I think that in the future it could possibly fit more games ... Am I totally wrong and it's not like that or it does make sense ?

Help me please guys, only a few days left for buying the gpu!

Btw I'm not a fan of nvidia or whatever, nor a fan of amd (perhaps I think they're great), so the one with a better performance at all would be my choice

Ps: If I could I'd defenitely go for 1070 8gb, but unfortunately it's out of my budget so my options are these boards or under them

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  1. I have both and my RX580 8GB NITRO+ Limited Edition is my favorite of the 2 , Slightly outperforms my 1060 6GB ASUS.
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  2. Personally, I would like this card right here. I had an RX 570 8GB NITRO+ during the 'mining craze' earlier this year and it was definitely one of my favorite cards of all time. Almost wish I wouldn't have sold it. But you really can't go wrong with either RX 580 8GB or GTX 1060 6GB. If it comes down to it be sure you choose whichever one offers the better card (i.e. better cooling and power delivery)

    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

    Video Card: Sapphire - Radeon RX 580 8GB NITRO+ Video Card ($294.98 @ Newegg)
    Total: $294.98
    Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
    Generated by PCPartPicker 2017-11-09 19:39 EST-0500
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  3. I'm really insecure, if I get the rx 580 8gb, it would be the msi's gaming x version, if I go for the 1060 6gb, it would be whether evga ssc version, or galax any dual fan version or maybe other ones

    About temperatures, which one heats least ? I want it to last long so maybe it could be a poont of decision to me
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  4. guilhermefurlan said:
    I'm really insecure, if I get the rx 580 8gb, it would be the msi's gaming x version, if I go for the 1060 6gb, it would be whether evga ssc version, or galax any dual fan version or maybe other ones

    While NITRO+ is my favorite, MSI Gaming X was my second favorite (I had a bunch of AMD RX cards).
    With Nvidia EVGA is also my favorite for Nvidia. Like I said you really can't go wrong with either, especially if you stick to the premium cards (as you've mentioned, though I'm unsure of the galax.)
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  5. The are both pretty equal in terms of performance , so you really can lose , I prefer my 580 here it is:
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  6. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    The are both pretty equal in terms of performance , so you really can't lose , I prefer my 580 here it is:

    What CPU and cooler is that?
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  7. Cryorig C7.
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  8. Can you take a look at these three ?

    These are my three available options for rx 580 and that fits my budget

    What do you think ? (Sorry for the portuguese link, but I think you can understand it by the specs and name)

    About the 1060, I just don't know

    About my pc, my current settings are pretty poor, a i5 3300 and a h61m-c mobo, but I'm going to change it in the futur for b350 mobo and a ryzen 1600 when I have enough budget, but in the beggining I'm gonna set the gpu with the i5 3300
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  9. Sapphire Nitro+ is the best of the bunch.
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  10. So you would go for sapphire (this blue one) above all others including the 1060 6gb ?

    The ome game I play the most is starcraft 2 (These boards are more than enough for it)

    I mean, they perform differently in games, do u know which one would perform npbetter in starcraft 2 bro ?
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  11. Yes I would for sure.
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  12. Why is this better than the others ? I can't really recall the brand but I trust you anyway =)

    How is the heating ? I want one with cold and comfortable temps, about the noise I don't really care cause I do listen to music when playing so that's not a problem haha
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  13. Sapphire in my opinion makes the BEST AMD cards and the 580 Nitro+ is THE LEADER OF THE PACK. Mine runs cool and fans are quiet , best of the AMD cards in terms of design and build quality.
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  14. Still the sapphire blue one is a different model, still the same settings as the one you sent ?
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  15. Yes they will perform almost identical. Choice is yours both are great cards.
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  16. Thanks bro, probably going for this one then!

    ANother question, do you think a psu like this Thermaltake 600W 80 Plus could handle a i5 3300 and a sapphire 580 8gb for a few months ?

    I know it's a really bad psu but I'vr got this and can't really change by now

    Do you think it could break down the hardwares ?
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  17. Yeah this shitty bro

    My daddy bought me that rcently, I was with him but didn't know it was THAT bad :(

    Now I probably have to stay with it for a few months until I get budget to upgrade to a new desktop
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  18. It's not that bad , has more than enough power and the right power connections , your all set.
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  19. REally ? So I could stay with that ? What dou you mean with all your sret ?

    What about staying with the next settings ? Inmean ryzen 1600 and b350, bad Idea ?

    So it would never damage the gpu cpu .. ?

    I said that it's really bad due to a post I created here and everyone said it is terrible, but if it's not, I'm not gonna pass it over =)
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  20. Should be fine , the PSU isn't that bad.
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  21. Ok bro, thanks a lot! You're the best helped me a lot!

    And thanks for being patient ewith me, some silly questions but still learning abiut hardwares (begginer)

    Do you play smth btw ?
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  22. Bro I'm struggling with one thing!

    As you guys know black friday is coming, and I'm not sure the prices are going down but I hope they do so

    The thing is, do you guys think it is worth going for a gtx 1070 instead of a rx 580 8gb (sapphire one)

    What do you guys think about it ?

    The cheapest one i've found is a galax dual fan one, doesn't look bad but good for a low range 1070

    So what do you guys say ?

    Furthermore, I was reading some reviews and comments about the sapphire which I'm goong to buy If I don't go for the 1070, and i saw this

    What are they talking about since I don't understand a thing they said ? Because the version I'm gonna buy is exactly the same .. what's his problem ? Am I going to have any problem ?

    Lastly I've seen that the nitro plus version comes with two spare fans, does the sapphire blue edtion comes with it too ? Couldn't find it when googling it

    Thanks again!
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  23. Stick with the 580 , IT PAIRS WELL with your CPU.
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  24. with the ryzen 1600 or i5 3300 ?

    Because in the future I'm gonna get the ryzen ...

    what about this guy's problem, what is it ? explain to me please

    and does the blue sapphire version come with 2 fans ?
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  25. ALL cards can have issues , there is no rampant issues I've come across. Very rare , you can get a bad card , but that's rare too.
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  26. Yeah so you mean that guy lost his gpu ?
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  27. What about the fans ? does it come with the spare fans ?
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  28. Nope , the Nitro+ Limited Edition does , that's the only one i'm aware of.
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  29. Best answer
    guilhermefurlan said:

    Furthermore, I was reading some reviews and comments about the sapphire which I'm goong to buy If I don't go for the 1070, and i saw this

    Thanks again!

    That guy was modifying the BIOS to get better hashrates while mining cryptocurrency. That's what he was needing help with. Plus the Nitro+ has dual BIOS, so if one happens to go bad (they rarely do, unless you flash custom BIOS as the guy above) but anyway they have a second BIOS you can simply flip a switch on the card and it will boot from the secondary BIOS stored in memory.
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  30. What is hashrate bro ?

    Thanks for replying btw, picked it as solution :)

    One more question, which one heats least ? The rx 580 sapphire special edition (blue one) or the gtx 1060 6gb evga SSC ?
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  31. Hashrate is the speed in which cryptocurrency is "mined."

    I would say both cards would have very good cooling. I don't really know for sure which would stay cooler, bit I can say neither would have overheating issues.

    The Nitro+ is the premium card, so my money would be on it.
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  32. volkgren said:
    Hashrate is the speed in which cryptocurrency is "mined."

    I would say both cards would have very good cooling. I don't really know for sure which would stay cooler, bit I can say neither would have overheating issues.

    The Nitro+ is the premium card, so my money would be on it.

    Thanks a lot for replying bro!

    I'm also thinking of getting a gtx 1070 instead, black friday is coming and maybe I could find a gtx 1070 in promotion

    The thing is, if I get a 1070, it wouldn't be the top cards as msi and gigabyte, instead I'd probably get zotac or galax (which are cheaper) or any one that comes to a good price due to black friday, do you think it is going to worth it ?

    Do the basic models of 1070 have heating issues or other big issues ? It's a good deal or would you go forthe rx 580 anyway ?

    Last question, would my psu thermaltake plus 80 600w smartseries be enough to pair with a gtx 1070 ? Or do you think it could actually lack of smth and break down the other hardwares ?
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  33. RX 580 and GTX 1070 use about the same amount of power with the 580 using more in some scenarios. GTX 1060 uses less. But your PSU should handle any of them.

    Your CPU would limit the performance of a GTX 1070, and possibly even an RX 580 in some games. But you say you might upgrade, it could be worth it I guess.

    But what makes more sense is upgrading to the RX 580 and using any leftover money to upgrade your CPU sooner. If you have a 1080p 60Hz monitor the 1070 is a bit overkill (right now anyway).
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  34. I'm going to buy the ryzen 1600 and upgrade the other hardwares until january which is ok

    Don't you think the gtx 1070 would be better ? I mean, for now it could be too much for 1080p gaming, but for the future it could become a better option by being stronger, what do you think ?

    And which model for the gtx 1070 ? I'm from brazil and I'm thinking of going to paraguai to buy the gtx 1070, because it is cheaper there, so I'd have more options than only the zotac and galax =)

    I thought of going for evga but I've seen they had some problem with the cards and they usually get burned lol (which is odd for the tech level we've got nowadays)

    So I'm absolutely sure I'm not going for evga, the thing is, which one then ?

    Ps: I've heard the psu I got is bad, how bad is that ? Do I have to change that ? Do you think it could eventually damage any hardware if I keep this one on my new settings ? Or it's just ok even tho it's not the best ?
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  35. See this post by an EVGA Tech Support.

    EVGA makes great cards if you don't get the blower-style or one without the VRM cooling pads.

    But yes I agree the 1070 will last longer with stronger performance than the 580.
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  36. Is evgabSC version a good one ? The 1070

    What about gigabyte and zotac ? This version

    Zotac (is this zotac version the mini 1070 or the amp! Edition ?) and what's their difference ?


    Sorry for the links, which of three is best ?

    I coukd buy any of these three, but I have a low budget, so the cheaper the better, also I want a good cooling gpu, so i'd pay more for a colder board, get what i mean ? As I want it to last for years, the less it heats the better, and also I'm really worried about getting a bad evga so not really sure
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  37. The EVGA SC is good I like mine.

    That looks like the Zotac Mini, which probably has a smaller cooler. I looked up a review of it and it shows pretty decent temps though.

    The Gigabyte is good.

    I would get whichever one you can afford; except the price on the EVGA looks like the same price of a 1070 Ti (in the US at least). Perhaps prices are different where you are from.
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  38. Take a look at the dollar price bro, and help me choosing one please

    The zotac mini is in a real better price for me, but as I said, I want it to last some years (about 4-5), so that's why I'm picking it carefully

    The evga and gigabyte have the same price tho, but I'm not sure if it's os worth it or if this zotac one could do the same good job
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  39. Just read the review and the zotac mini looks like a really good budget-board with decent temps and fps on both 1080p and 1440p

    As I'm going to play it on 1080p, I think I would have no problem with this board, the only bad point is that it has no backplate tho (and it should have as it's an expensive board

    Last point to consider

    As I'm not a person who really like to overclock, and this board would do a perfect job without any overclocking help, I don't really plan to overclock it, the point is, what's the temps when not overclocking ?

    Appreciate your help as much as I could ever appreciate someone's help =)
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  40. but the thing is, the gigabyte oc version is only 120 reais (money from brazil) more expensive, would it worth it paying more because it`s a better board (in terms of temps and performance or not really ?
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