New Samsung 850 evo lag?

Hello guys. I just switched to a 850 evo 250gb from a kingston ssdnow v300 120gb.
When i alt-tab from battlefield 1 and i go back to the game , it freezes for half a second.
When i watch a stream on twitch, then switch to another tab, then go back to the stream, it freezes for half a second as well.
Is it possible that it's the SSD's fault? Maybe it has an ECO mode or something? What could i do ?
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  1. make sure your pc uptodate video drivers and etc...
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  2. Greg Gregorich said:
    make sure your pc uptodate video drivers and etc...

    everything updated..
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  3. I think it also makes a sound when it freezes for some miliseconds. Like the disk "wakes up" or something like that
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  4. watching stream PC DONT use your SSD resources,itts just cpu,gpu network.
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  5. Streaming doesn't use the disks but moving from stream to stream a very brief pause is normal as it buffers in that video.
    With the Game.... I wonder if you are multitasking too much and using up your available ram and that brief pause is stuff being loaded back in to main memory from the swap file.
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  6. I move from facebook to stream. And it freezes for some miliseconds. I've been watching twitch streaming for years and i never had this issue, until my last windows clean installation (and the addition of my new SSD) . Also ive been playing Battlefield for months, and it only does it after the windows clean install. :(
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  7. *The picture freezes, it doesnt buffer
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