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Recently I purchased and replaced my old mobo with a 990FXA gaming. I’m almost certain I followed all the stages but yet when I attempt to turn it on all I get are the fans and the LEDs. I honestly have no idea what the issue is and I’m fairly new to computer making. I have an old GPU that may be an issue but I have no control GPU to test with.

My specs are:
Motherboard - Msi 990FXA gaming
CPU - AMD FX 9590 w/ Corsair H55 water cooler.
GPU - GTX 660
PSU - MOD XT 750W Modular PSU 80plus ERP

I appreciate any help. I’ve been attempting to get this pc to run smoothly for more than a year now I just want it to be working.
Thanks for your time.
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  1. Did you have the FX9590 on the previous motherboard or is that a change also? That questionable quality undersized power supply may not be up to the task any more.
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  2. is the memory in comparability with motherboard list
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  3. Yes I’m using pretty much all the same parts and it worked almost perfectly. Although it did constantly freeze up but apparently this was due to the old mobo having a faulty north (or south) bridge that kept overheating.
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  4. And the memory works with the motherboard as it’s the exact same as the ones I used with the old motherboard.
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  5. Can you enter the BIOS? Even though you can't see the post screen, turn on the PC and try hitting f10 or whatever the key is for your MOBO to enter the BIOS. After you've *hopefully* entered the BIOS (even though you can't see) press esc, left arrow key, enter. If the computer restarts, the problem is display.
    What was your old motherboard? Was it the same exact model and chipset of your current? If it was different... you'd likely benefit from reinstalling windows, but it shouldn't be causing you not to be able to see anything.
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  6. whats the memory can be not compatible with your new motherboard thats why you cant get even in to BIOS
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  7. My memory is
    F3-12800CL10D-16GBXL and I’ve two of them.
    I have the exact same specs as last time only with a new (but same model) motherboard.
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  8. I’ve also noticed that there is no power going to the keyboard as in when I press the LEDs in the keyboard aren’t lighting up. I’m not sure how relevant this info is I just thought I might mean something.
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  9. try clear cmos
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  10. I’ve tried to clear the cmos in 2 ways. Shortening the JBAT1 and taking out the battery for 5 secs. Both have been unsuccessful.
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  11. may i ask did your old motherboard died.thank you.
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  12. The issue with the old motherboard was that the north (or south can’t remember) bridge kept over heating and cause the PC to freeze. This is what a pc repair shop told me anyway. I’m not certain on how this became the case, it was freezing since day 1 though.
    I think it’s not usable without the PC constantly crashing if being put under any stress.
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  14. Grand I’ll have a look.
    Thanks for all the help regardless.
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