Samsung 960 EVO m.2 with ASUS Z97P

Will the Samsung 960 EVO m.2 be compatible with ASUS Z97P?

Will I have to update my BIOS from what my motherboard came with?

I am not stupid with PC parts, however I watched videos on SATA m.2 drives and just noticed I ordered a NVMe m.2 SSD. This is new stuff for me and I'm quite confused!

Thanks in advance

EDIT: the reason I won't just return the SSD is because if it is compatible I might as well use it now i've ordered it.
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  1. You need at least BIOS Version 2801 for NVMe storage.

    Motherboard uses two native PCI Express 2.0 bandwidth, M.2 supports up to 10Gbit/s data-transfer speeds. You can double that to 20Gbit/s by using a 4 lane PCI Express adapter.
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  2. Thanks for the reply! I think for now I can deal with 10Gbit/s
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