new build: Asus PRIME A320M-C R2.0 not hardware beeping

I am on the Asus PRIME A320M-C R2.0. I had every thing plugged in execpt RAM and attempted to test the board and it gave absolutely no response. While I know obviosuly you are not supposed to POST without RAM, all I wanted to see is the board hardware beeping at me and spinning up the fan that was directly connected to the PSU to spin and see the board at least giving me the error beeps. Board has the PWR SW connected to the pins and the hardware speaker as well. No response. Connected the PSU to a Junk dell and it spin up and everything. Do these boards absolutely need to have all the conponents in to at least respond? ...I am suspecting that even though the RAM was not there it should have hardware beeped at least and din't. Is this board seriously DOA ?... Or should I wait for RAM.
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  1. Although i've never tried it myself, the motherboard should beep to indicate bad/failing/non-existent ram.
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  2. The RAM came in. Board is dead. Confirmed my own suspicion :(
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