12V CPU connector broken

So long story short my 4 pin CPU connector wasn't connected properly, I was doing a stress test on my octacore when it must've come a little lose because I could smell burbling plastic. I immediately shut everything off and had a look, one of the 4 pins and the plastic surrounding it was/is completely destroyed although I can confirm all the other components are fine (getting new psu anyway). Is there a way to repair that 4 pin connector? I tried a soldering iron from the back but it on Max heat didn't even make a mark? What now?
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  1. My best guess is the connection arked and then sparked
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    Sounds like you need a bigger iron or a bigger tip for your current iron. If the connection you're trying to solder is part of the ground plane of the motherboard, or just very large, it's going to take a lot of heat out of your iron's tip right away.

    Two thoughts come to mind:

    1) You could look for somebody in your local area that does electrical repair and see if they could perform the soldering for you. Any TV shops still in business? They might have the finesse necessary not to damage the board in the process.

    2) Contact customer service, explain the situation, and ask if they will repair the board (for a fee of course, as this isn't a warranty issue.)
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  3. I'll have a look, thanks
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