Corsair cx rm Japanese capacitors?

I have a question are the corsair rm and cx made of Japanese capacitors?
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  1. I can assure you that the CX aren't.
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  2. The updated CX line introduced last year has a combination of both, at least in the the CX750M variant. According to a JohnnyGuru teardown of the newer version of the CX line that uses Channel Well:

    "Most critical parts are Japanese - Nippon Chemi-Con. The non critical stuff is either Samxon or Taicon. I can live with that. This is another improvement on the original unit, which relied a little more on Capxon parts."

    They found the same in an RM750x teardown:

    It makes sense since both PSU lines use Channel Well as the OEM core PSU vendor.
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  3. What about cx550. Does it use Japanese capacitors?
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    Question from melaxrinos : "Cx 550 corsair"

    melaxrinos said:
    Does the corsair cx 550. Uses Japanese capacitors?

    Anonymous said:
    If you mean the CXm 550 same parts as this one.
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  5. melaxrinos said:
    What about cx550. Does it use Japanese capacitors?

    As the other guy said in an apparent different post thread of yours, it's the same thing with the 550W variant: Japanese in the most critical areas, Chinese/Hong Kong in non-mission critical areas. Also, please just post one question per topic to avoid confusion in different threads.
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