What would happen if I replace my current Mobo with another one?

My friend's current motherboard is a gigabyte f2a78m-hd2. He wants to replace it with the Gigabyte SKT-AM3 78LMT-USB3 Motherboard, because it supports the AMD fx 6300. The problem is that if he does replaces it with another motherboard, would there be problems like reinstalling windows?
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  1. Are you asking if Windows will automatically activate?
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  2. rocktalkrock said:
    Are you asking if Windows will automatically activate?

    Yeah, like would his windows just boot up normally like nothing happened after changing the motherboard
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  3. May for a while but it'll probably crash sooner or later
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    A clean installation of Windows, followed by installation of the new motherboard's drivers is the best way to go when swapping motherboards. Otherwise the old motherboard's drivers will still be there and will cause conflicts.
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  5. I have swapped motherboards without re-installing Windows in the past using "Paragon Adaptive Restore". It was easy and worked like a charm.
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