CS:GO not utilizing GPU- 200+ fps dropped to 80-90 with distorted lag

Hi Guys,

I have came accross this weird situation with CS:GO.The problem here is, this issue is with CS:GO only not with other games on my PC. its having this distorted lag and fps has dropped drastically. I have tried and searched all the possible stuff. One can play with 80-90 fps but this distorted and jittery lag is unbearable. I will give the things I have tried in order to fix this.

1. Checked the integrity of cs go files.
2. Resetting the Video settings for cs go( and all others as well, just in case if it works)
3. Uninstalled and reinstalled CS:go.
4. All the Drivers are updated.(GPU & Sound)
5. Tried with launch options as well.
6. No workshop maps subscribed.
7. Cleaned the F**kin whole system (Disk cleanup, defrag)
8. Tried disabling audio drivers and enhancements as well (red somewhere that it messes with FPS but no luck)

Any help would be appreciated :(
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