Moving OS to SSD from HDD

Buying an SSD today, would like to only move my OS to the SSD from my HDD. Is there a simple process for this move?

Also, this is my gaming PC, is it smarter to just move OS to the SSD and keep the games on the HDD?
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  1. Only OS? No, that would require a reinstall even if you could as all the pointers to file's will be incorrect. You can move everything from the HDD over if you have the space or none at all.
  2. you can use the HDD partition cloner or something like that
    but i recommend you to reinstall the OS
    and yes you can use the OS for ssd hdd for games
  3. did you check on the sdd maker usualy they have a free transfer software to migrate from hdd to ssd .
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    Malfunkshun said:
    Is there a simple process for this move?

    If SSD is larger than HDD, then everything is quite simple. Straight forward clone operation.
    If it is smaller, then process gets complicated.
    It all depends on size of SSD, size of HDD, free space on HDD and how HDD is partitioned.

    Provide screenshot from Disk Management and model name of SSD you're planning to get.
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