New Build PC installed windows 10, monitor not receiving signal after restart

So im trying to find answers I see that this question gets answered a lot. Sorry for repitition but, my issue is slightly different?

Built my first PC finished everything up an booted and didnt get signal (was planning to see BIOS at least). Put in Windows 10 disk, rebooted and after the POST, monitor got signal and (kept default BIOS settings) I Installed Windows 10. After the install it needed to restart. I restarted and monitor doesnt get signal again... I left it run for 6 hours thinking that windows might be installing in the background, tested cords, swapped monitors, changed to VGA connection (used HDMI when I got signal to install Windows). I think the screen resolution might be the problem? Also I need to install speakers to see if windows is booting in the background (I am at work now lol). Also buying a new HDMI cord just to be safe. Have not tried booting from USB windows boot stick (still have previous PC to get info if needed). Here are my system specs.

Ryzen 3 1300X (No onboard graphics)
B350 Tomahawk Mobo
Gigabyte GeForce 1050ti GPU
GeIL DDR4-2400 2x4GB (I saw that system booted these as 2133mhz?)
Firecuda HDD/SSD Hybrid 1tb 7200
Cooler Master Masterwatt 500W lite. Gold +
Cooler master K280 Case.

All fans run (GPU, CPU, Case) and, Mobo LED comes on. My GPU doesnt have a PCI-E connector. System passes the EZ LED Debug test. System already booted to install Windows so I know its not a fried mobo or monitor. I installed all standoffs on case, I turned off after letting run for 6 hours, unplugged PSU for 60 seconds, turned back on, still nothing. Mobo passes post test but, only one initial beep when starting computer. Tonight I will be removing everything but, mobo, CPU, GPU, KB, mouse, and trying to start and changing resolution on monitor to 1080p which Ryzen chips support. But, I want to go home with a list of everything I need to try from professionals if possible.

Any help or direction anyone could give would be appreciated.
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  1. does any of the boot led stay on when mobo is on power i would try cmos reset and the monitor is plug in the gpu output .
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  2. No, all the EZ Debug LEDS turn off after the boot/POST (they flash on intially as checks are being made). Monitor is in the GPU output (via HDMI) because there is no onboard graphics with Ryzen CPUs. Also going to try using one memory stick in A2B2 slot to see if that works.
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  3. try vga cable from gpu to monitor and remove hdmi for test .
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