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I have and do the majority of my gaming through my gaming pc and a 32" lcd tv. I have my gaming consoles - Xbox One X, PS4 Pro and Switch plugged into a hdmi switcher and then to the tv's hdmi. And the pc is DVI to hdmi.

My dilemma/question:

I am going to buy a new 4k monitor, most likely the LG 32UD59 and I still want to hook everything up in a similar fashion. But I am confused about console audio.

The pc will go through the DisplayPort. But all the consoles I will plug in through a 4k switcher and into the second hdmi, which is a 2.0, so I should be okay on the 4k60 thing, but what about audio for the consoles if the display doesn't have speakers or they're poor?

Can I plug my Logitech desktop speakers direct into the 3.5 jack on the back of the monitor and everything will play thru those speakers that is plugged into the monitor? So in essence, would the pc and the consoles that are plugged in through DP and hdmi via a switcher play audio if the speakers are plugged in via a 3.5 cable into the back of the monitor?

Or if not, what might be my best and easiest option to get console audio, short of buying a monitor with built-in speaker?

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  1. An HDMI switcher with audio out connecting to external speakers would be a solution. Monitor speakers (even on good monitors) aren't that great compared to even cheap desktop speakers. There are a couple of manufacturers that sell HDMI switchers that also output audio - you just need to check what type of audio connections you need. Here is an example that has a mini stereo jack like you mentioned:
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