"reboot and select proper boot device" error after restoring UEFI defaults

Hello I have the error message ”reboot and select proper boot device..." after I loaded UEFI defaults in the UEFI setup utility.
I have checked I have the correct boot order of my drives and that all three of my connected drives are recognised but I cannot boot any of the OS's on them (SSD drive has windows 10 and HHD windows 7)
Clearly I have messed something up when I restored the UEFI defaults.
I start up my computer while holding F8 and selecting the appropriate drive after selecting correct boot order but it just goes back to the "reboot and select proper boot device" error
I'm really not sure what to try next.
My motherboard says ASRock h61m-vs
Any help would be greatly appreciated, this is my first ever post.
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  1. This may be stating the obvious but i trust you are saving the changes in the BIOS when you exit.

    That said, try booting with only the Windows 10 SSD connected, then try with only the Windows 7 HDD connected and see what happens. The fewer parts connected the better when trying to isolate a problem.
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  2. It appears you don't know what the custom motherboards settings that differ from default settings you previously had and made no attempt to write down those settings.

    The most obvious BIOS setting I would think is wrong is to have a default SATA setting of [IDE Mode]. Who doesn't use [AHCI] these days.

    It appears you also need to have [Enhanced] not [Compatible] settings set for SATA.

    The DRAM frequency, DRAM Timings, and DRAM voltage should also be set to the memory manufacturers recommendations.
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  3. Most people use AHCI these days but the default IDE mode would not stop the drive from booting. It would just run a little bit slower.
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