Asus Maximus Hero X - Rear I/O Panel Fitting

I've been trying to fit my new Hero X board into my NZXT H440 case and am finding it difficult, having never dealt with a pre-applied IO shield..

As the rear I/O panel is pre-applied to the board, I'm unsure as to how this rear panel should interface with the case. Should it just be pressed up against the inside of it (see pictures below) or should the highlighted metal prongs be pushed in/through the rear of the case?

I've managed to get the board fitted with it pressed up against the inside of the case by taking one of the middle stand offs out as this was stopping it from aligning. It looks to be aligned and screwed in properly now but that rear IO panel just seems odd to me..

Can anyone shed some light on how this fits?

Many thanks!
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  1. Although the fit is not perfect i don't think will cause any problems to leave it that way. If the fit still bothers you try loosening the screws holding the plastic IO cover to the motherboard and adjust it as much as you can.
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