Can my power supply support an Asus gtx750 ti??

Hi,I want to know if my power supply can support a Asus gtx 750 GPU that I want to buy...I have this power supply and i think it is a good brand..
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  1. the PSu is fine, no matter there a better ones in the market.

    Still almost any PSU can support GTX750 as it is below 75W, does not even need additional power supply, besides pcie slot
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  2. So that means that my power supply will work fine for this card.Happy news :D.But I don't need a 6 pin connectors (something like that) to my graphics card?I am a bit new to computer stuff and as I know my power supply only has 4 pin connectors. Excuse me if I say something wrong
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  3. okay, basics, besides you should do some wiki research about that topic...

    GPUs have some power requeirements, some more, some less - 75W can be covered by PCIe Slot, anithing else has to come from 6 or 6+2 pin connectors on the other end of the card (mainly oposite of PCIe slot there would be some connectors)

    current PSUs normally have 4+4 power cable for CPU, 20(+4) cable for mainboard (ATX / µATX boards), some IDE + Sata power cables for drives and last but not least, depending on the power class, some 6 or 6+2 PCIe power cables supposed to be used for GPU if it's above the 75W from PCIe slot (on the board)

    Which means you are limited to 75W cards with your PSU - as your has surprisingly ammount of 0 PCIe cables, whyever, seems to be quite old.

    For that point i have to state, older PSU tend to fail if exceeding 5 years of lifetime, mainly due to capacitor fails, even if it works now, and it should with your GTX750 - in the moment you encounter strange behaviour of your rig or fails - you can assume the PSU to finally retire from its longterm duty ;)
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  4. First,thanks for the info about the GPUs and PSUs.
    Second ,the truth is that the PSU is kinda old cause I think it is from 2009 since then I bought my PC...that's why I want to upgrade it now.So as u say,I need to buy a new PSU first and then go for the GPU
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  5. thats the funny stuff - we end up in a totally different topic..

    1. PSU and GPU have to match at different points:
    a) power supply has to be sufficient
    b) physical connectors have to match

    2. it's all about the budget

    3. a new PSU is normally one of the rare updates a good planned rig needs over time (maybe besides storage upgrade or DRAM upgrade)

    So, this leads us to the point, what you got on hand? what is the budget? This enables me to judge if the GTX750, which is bit outdated but cheap makes sense and which PSU we should choose for your rig. And would it make sense to buy a bigger card from the point of later rpleacement of CPU + RAM + Board -> or not.
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  6. My PC in kinda old so it has old components....
    Intel core i5 3.7 GHz
    4gb ram
    An ONLY VGA monitor(keep that in mind)
    And an not functioning GPU ati radeon 4000 series.
    My PC isn't working right now cause e old GPU died 4 months ago and I am trying to collect a good but cheap GPU for this PC.
    I think the 750ti is a good choice for this PC since it wont handle much for bigger cards...the motherboard is a gigabyte but is a pretty good one.. (I don't remember its exact name now)...I don't want this PC to be supper gaming and that stuff... Just a medium one since now I got nothing (PC is dead).
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  7. Best answer
    in this case, starting with a GTX750 is fine - take care, if you take a GTX750ti - it will not be supported by the current PSU, so you choice is:

    a) cheap with just GTX750 (that has no additional power plug - make sure to double check)
    b) max upgrade is GTX750ti + cheap ~ 400 W bronze PSU + 4GB Ram + SSD for OS, favourite game

    believe me 4 Gig ram (identical to current one) +SSD also make a difference in overall performance

    your i5 can support easiely also GTX1060 or a bit more, based on your screen, it would not be needed ;) On the other hand full HD 24" flat screen is cheapster now
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  8. So u say the gtx750ti won't be supported by the PSU that I have?but the gtx750 will be?If so ,what is the best option to do?(what do u suggest me to do?)

    Sorry if I am getting u angry or tired by my lack of good knowledge in these stuff.
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  9. no problem mate...

    1. GTX 750 needs max 75W and not additional power plug - you are fine to go with current PSU
    2. GTX 750ti offers more performance, but need new PSU, but if you go for new PSU, you can use almost same price 950ti or 1050ti from later gen

    option 2 is way more future proof - but heaviely depends on your budget, this is something i cannot judge for you... all of them are good supported by your i5 and any solutionwould benefit from 4 GB additional ram...

    I would finally say, if your budget fits, take 1050ti + 450W bronze PSU, add 4 GB later, whenever it fits - and consider 24" flat screen with fullHD + SSD for next year...
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  10. Thanks for your answers they were really helpful.I guess I will go with option 2.I will try to save some extra cash to buy a new PSU and then a gtx 950 or a 1050 plus the 4 extra GB memory. Costly but seems future worthy.... And for the future I will have to buy a new monitor since the current one is only VGA port and the new GPU s have only dvi I dvi d and HDMI ports and I don't think using a dvi I to VGA adepter is a good choice.. I will have a VGA quality
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  11. yeah, but DVi -> VGA works most of tthe time, just double check the exact connector with wikii
    A passive DVI-to-VGA adapter. This adapter will not work with a DVI-D output. It requires a DVI-I or DVI-A output to get the analog signal to a VGA input (even if the adapter looks like a DVI-D). A more expensive active adapter (or converter) is required to connect DVI-D to VGA.
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  12. Yes I know the difference between them cause I have searched this topic a lot.The problem is that as I know,the dvi I to VGA converter will give VGA quality picture since the monitor is vga even tho the card gives hd
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  13. candidate has 100 points - always a pleasure to see ppl thinking on their own, using google, + wiki - instead of just posting stupid questions ;)
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  14. Yes I know it is awesome right?
    The honour was mine casue I met such a nice guy as u to answer all my question even if some of them were kinda stupid without getting triggered by me and my sometimes aufull question :D

    Also,what PSU can u advice me to order?
    I did some research and I saw that the corsair CX series cx550 is as they say, a pretty good one.For around 65 euros
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  15. I I think I will go for this one as I was previously mentioned about it.It seems pretty good to me.I can order it if I u approve it and give me the green light that it is good.Your opinion matters.And this should have a 6 pin connector for the GPU available right?
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  16. your pick has 2x 6/8-Pin PCIe - so it's fine, as your choice is,

    i just have to mention that your pick has too much power, even using 1050ti or similar. which is just a small financial issue, as the
    PSU runs at the lower end of efficiency most of the time - slightly increased power draw - on the other hand will it be very silent,
    as low load means, low heat, which means slower fan - something i prefer (mouse over my left pic - i have way to big PSU) - but not
    anyone want to waste money for silence ;)

    to make it more clear, example calculation with fiction numbers (too lazy to research 100% exact figures)
    550 Watt PSU - 200 Watt usage, 80 % efficiency = 250W consumption
    450 Watt PSU - 200 Watt usage, ~85% efficiancy = 235W consumption
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  17. So it is better to pick the 450 wat instead of the 550 right?But I think the efficiency is what matters after all on an PSU
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  18. No. Efficiency hardly matters on a PSU. On your system you'd be hardly saving anything going with a few % higher efficiency (under €5 a year, likely).

    What is more important is the quality of the PSU. It will affect longevity of all parts aswell as itself, and affects reliability (crashes, problems).

    Don't go for the corsair cx550. It hasn't been reviewed so all we know it could be dangerous, and low quality.

    Go for the CX450M (modular version) which has been proffesionals reviewed and proven great value.
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  19. Thank you for your answer.As I saw also that the 450 is better than the 550 in the critics and I will surely go for it.But I saw it is semi-modular because it comes with the two main cable's embedded (CPU,motherboard)but this isn't a problem because they are inevitably gonna be used in every computer so it is like an almost full modular PSU.Correct me if I am wrong
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  20. besides every vendor has own plugs on PSU side, so you cant's switch between them...

    there is no big difference between full and part modular. As you found yourself, board and CPU are always needed, so it does not make a difference if those are modular or not... but modular always has the advantage, you can skip the unneeded once - just make sure to ziplock the unneeded once, write down what the cables are for and store them well - you will regred if you do not and start searching in case of additional SSD

    trust me, happend twice to me and i wanted to bite me own... you know, while searching those cables...
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  21. Lol,this sound really sad
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  22. The PSU just arrived and I installed it successfully.Now I just need to order the new GPU. This thread can close now
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  23. we do normally not just close topics - we prefer to let the people with questions select an best answer - if there is one fitting to the problem.

    please also refer to this topic, should explain the things quite well ;) (besides the pictures are gone)
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  24. Ah OK,as you wish.Also thanks for the link
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  25. Also if I want to download the GPU driver,it is better to download it from the GPU manufacturer(let's say palit)or it is better to download it from the GPU s CPU manufacturer (let's say nvidia)?
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  26. depends, third party normally does not offer driver itself, just monitoring tool,s rgb tools and so on...

    nvidia offers driver and other utility...

    i personally prefer to install plain nvidia driver without any additional stuff - this makes my windforce card looking like a christmas tree, as i cannot turn of all that RGB stuff, but as in closed housing, whh cares?

    and i have to admit, after finding a stable driver, i stick with it, till some game asks for update *g* never touch a running system, and GPU drivers are not know to be security risk - so i normally do not follow any update, as most of them get another update within days for bug fixing -.-
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  27. Yea but it isn't recommended to install the latest driver for better efficiency?
    As u say with your opinion , everyone can do whatever he thinks it fits for him and his pc
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  28. yeah, for latest AA or AAA titles it's a good plan to run latest driver - which makes my handling more clear - as i do refuse to be beta tester for AAA or AA titles and play tham not before first "sale" ;)
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  29. OK i see your point of view.
    Is palit gtx750ti a good GPU at all?
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  30. depends - i would rank the list below from left to right, right = better

    just be aware - the right one needs additional power plug ;) (which should work with your new PSU)

    last but not least, can't remember your case - make sure there is enough space for the card!
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  31. I was was thinking of going with the storm x dual since I like its style and it has VGA display port(I don't need a adapter).

    If the card would be around 20-22 cm I think it would fit since my case...I just checked and it is a 48cm x 21.5cm x42.5 cm ....idk if that help
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  32. tell me the name, or try to find vendor subpage for your case, they normally tell you max GPU length - or try to find on geizhals, even there it's mentioned + manufacturer link often works...
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  33. I can't find it in the web cause I got this PC from a store which was building pc s from like 9 years ago and it doesn't give much info about it and this company that was building those PC is closed now.the only info I can give is that I can send u this link which has some photos of other people having the PC case that I have too...sry if it in a strange language to u..the first 3-5 photos if the case I have
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  34. okay, this is a typical 90's + early 2000 cheapster... not bad at all, especially if looking for the budget by keeping the old housing...

    i would request you to take a ruler and check the size you have by yourself - carefully considering the HDD cablework as in your linked picture - this is the best way to be 100 % sure your new card fits...
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  35. I think it will fit if the card is about 20-22cm.....idk if I can or how i can send some pictures from my inside case(upload) here
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  36. make a picture with ruler in it - upload to some free hoster and place a link using (without my spaces)
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  37. I am also expecting a expert of PC stuff to come and see the case and check it if it would be OK for the card and if it will fit inside
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  38. real expert or self claimed? - make sure you leave the power plugged when he arrives, if he does not unplug before trying to open the casse - kick his... you know :p
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  39. Hahaha I don't think he is so stupid to do that mistake... He is claimed expert not a actual real one but he has an over 5k PC built it on his own and he he was interested in PCs since he was young(he is 25) and you call him that nerdy boy that u see in some films who works all the times with computers :P ,so I don't think he will be so bad :D
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  40. The gtx1050 is on it's way.
    Sorry if I am getting annoying (I must be already),but I would like to see what pair of ram cards it is best for me to buy for my PC build, I think 2 4gbs cards would be OK for me since I only got one with 4gb and if I would buy 2 8gbs would be too much I think so I think 2 4gb cards would be nice. Can u recommend me a good brand(not too much expensive) but not an unreliable one and cheap one ,for me to buy?
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  41. 2 choices,

    1. get a second ram identical to existing one, with 4Gb and be fine -> most likely value option
    2. get 2 crucial ballistic sports from geizhals with 2*4GB + sell the old one on ebay or similar
    3. forget about number 3 - for your basis there is no usefull number 3 - as you have DDR3 which is already legacy - so next sys will be DDR4 ;)
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  42. My current ram card is an "v7 4gb DDR3 DIMM 1600 MHZ"... would u think buying a pair of 2 new ones would be better or I should go with option 1?...
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  43. if you can have identical one for reasonable price, why not - in the end it's about priceing in this case... besides DDR3 1600 Mhz is quite generic - with bit of luck any random kingston, crucial, transcend module should work with the original one... but this would be gambling - your choice...
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  44. Nah I don't think its worth to take that risk.I am going to buy 2 new ones...
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