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Dear Sir/Madam,
I am planning to build a gaming PC my own. I have selected the PC components. Before ordering them online I would like to get advices from experts like you whether the PC components that I chose will function properly as a single unit.
I have chosen the components with only one output, that's gaming all AAA gaming titles at 1080p (high or ultra settings) with 60 fps. PC components that are chosen are as follows
1. AMD Ryzen 5 1600 processor or AMD Ryzen 5 1400
2. GA B350 Gaming 3 motherboard
3. Zotac Gforce GTX 1060 6GB GPU
4. Kingston Hyper furry ddr4 24001X8GB Ram
5. Corsair VS550 PSU
6. Corsair Carbide Series CC - 9011050 WW Mid-Tower
7. Any 250GB SSD (not finalized because of budget but in future may be)
8. WD blue 1 TB
9. LG DVD writer
Mainly I will be using this PC build for 1080p 60 fps gaming and some engineering designing using SolidWorks, do analysis using Ansys and Rendering using Keyshot. I am not a big fan of over clocking and using multi GPU. But I would like to play all the games at the above said resolution and fps. The main doubts are
1. Is there any issue with the build?
2. Will I be able to play all the games at the resolution and fps now and in future (2020)?
3. In future will I be able to upgrade my PC with AMD Ryzen 7 processor and any GTX 1080 GPU?
4. I have no previous experience in own PC building. Can you please give some information regarding the same because I am thinking of building it by my own.
Thanks in advance.

Thanks and Regards,
Rahul Mohan M
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  1. Best answer
    1. Not really
    2. depends on how demanding games will be in the future, but should be possible, provided u're willing to tune down settings when it's necessary
    3. yes u can, u can even opt for Zen+ / Zen 2 as AMD promised that they will use the AM4 socket till 2020 at very least
    4. some improvement can be made:
    - Ryzen benefits from faster RAM, find the 3200 if u can however, keep in mind that productivity would love dual channel over the single channel, if possible, get the 2x8 for ensured compability and better productivity performance
    - PSU is pretty bad, opt for something like EVGA G2 / G3 / GS or Corsair RMx / TXM or Seasonic G / Focus Plus. If u're on a real tight budget and can't spent too much on this, get the Corsair CXM, it won't handle high OC but should be fine on light / moderate OCing :) also have OverCurrent Protection which means it's much safer than the VS
    - unless u have any disk u want to use [film and such], i don't think DVD writer is necessary
    - get the R5 1600 when possible, considering it's a better bang in the buck [better stock cooler, more cores/threads, price only differs a little from the R5 1400]
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  2. Thanks Constantine....
    Is the Corsair VS550 PSU very bad....because I am really on a tight budget which is now exceeding.
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  3. Please provide sites or books or something on how to assemble PC components and build it by my own.
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  4. Rahul Mohan M said:
    Thanks Constantine....
    Is the Corsair VS550 PSU very bad....because I am really on a tight budget which is now exceeding.
    VS are known to be pretty bad, especially on the safety side, it'll sustain for now, but i suggest u replace it asap when u had the money, or extend the budget a bit for CXM series instead [with gray label]

    as for the PC building guide, here's some vids from youtube to help you:
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  5. Constantine thanks.....
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