does mixing ram with diferent speed could cause problems?

hey all

i have now:

8gb hyper x ddr3 1600 kingston 2x4gb

and i have a pair of 2x2gb of kingston hyper x genesis 1333 ddr3 left somewhere

i know in bios i have to lower the speed of the 1600 speed to 1333 to be compatible or i will have BOSD

does this will cause some problems in my rig?

lowering the speed of the rams to the slowest stick

they are the same brand but different speed and model

thank you

my rig is:

i7 2600
asus maximus formula 5

1060 3gb
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  1. ALL the modules will default to 1333 if they do run. Mixing is hit and miss you won't know till you try them.
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  2. i have to do it manually right? cause when i put the other 2 sticks?
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  3. No you shouldn't have to , if it does work they will automatically default to 1333.
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  4. thank u

    so i wanna upgrade my ram, the genesis ones to another stick hyperx blue 1600 ram

    but i cant find where i lvie the same model, only the red,black ones at the same speeed

    are they the same model as the blue ones? the one that i have installed
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