New psu/CPU and no post

So my specs are
I7490k replacing my i54590
H81m itx Mobo
8gb ram
Evga 850 psu replacing my 650w psu
Gtx 970

Now it all started when I got my CPU, I popped it in and the computer would boot but the keyboard, mouse, and monitors wouldn't power on and the PC would cut out and back on after about a minute or so. So I decided to go get a new psu. I install it and I get absolutely nothing when I hit the power buton. I was careful about being grounded and static esc. I'm at a lost. The 20(4) pin connector is in. The cpu connector is in. The two pcie are in for the GPU. Ram
M is in. I just can't figure what's going on.
Edit: I read somewhere that I may need to update the bios with the i5?
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  1. The course connector is in?
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  2. Meant cpu
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  3. Put the old one back in flash the BIOS then put the new one in. The old CPU needed BIOS 1.60 the new one needs 1.70

    Flash the latest BIOS 2.30 with the old CPU
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    You need this BIOS to support 4790K:

    Needs to be updated with your old CPU , then install your new one.
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  5. As per usual im not home but would that make it mot react at all when i hit the pwr?
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  6. No. If the old cpu works then it'll work when you reinstall it. And once you update the BIOS the new one should work
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  7. Im trying to find my thermal paste.. A search ill have to resume tomorrow. But now if popping In the old cpu doesn't work. Am i just screwed? I mean i got nothing left to give if that happens
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  8. Problem' i popped in the i5 and im gettimg operation but no keyboard. Mouse. Or monitors just like when i first put in the i7
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  9. Clear the CMOS take out the battery for a minute or two , sometimes that works after a PSU change.
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  10. I tried the jumper and the battery, no change.
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  11. alright i repeated a couple more trouble shooting steps and im in bios, but now i have another question, it says i have uefi version p2.30, so do i need to downgrade to the 1.70 insta flash?
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  12. No 2.30 is the latest BIOS. Reconfigure the bios settings then save them
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  13. she works she works! muhahhahahah
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  14. dumbnstuck said:
    she works she works! muhahhahahah

    Glad to hear awesome! :D
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