No hdmi signal?

I have a
Asus strix rx470
Gigabyte b250 I think
Ripjaws v 2x4 ram
Corsair cx450 I think
Samsung 850evo 500gb
Intel 600p 256gb

Yesterday my computer was kinda loud when I turned it off and I had nothing running for the several previous hours I just had the computer on and forgot about it. When I turned it back on today, there's no hdmi signal. What I have done so far is tried other hdmi's, none of them worked. I tried to see if it was my monitor not working, it works with my PS4 and it shows up fine. What I haven't tried yet is unplugging my graphics card and testing the integrated graphics. Anyone know what could be the cause? I built this with brand new parts back in April so it's pretty upsetting if I have to replace already. I'll mention that within the first month of building, the computer would randomly black screen but the graphics card light would still be on and I'd have to restart the system completely or the system would just restart itself as if the psu failed or something. That problem hasn't occurred since April-may. I'm not very computer savvy but what I think it's either psu gpu or mobo. I don't think the psu would cause the no hdmi input tho.
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  1. I would first try unplugging everything, then removing the graphics card, and re-seating it. It could be that it simply wasn't in very firmly. If that doesn't work, then I would try the integrated graphics.
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  2. So I unplugged the graphics card and plugged it back in and it still doesn't work. I unplugged it again and tested the integrated graphics and it works fine. After knowing everything else works, I plugged in the graphics card again and it doesn't work. My monitor instantly says no hdmi signal when I turn my desktop on with the graphics card installed. Does this mean my graphics card is dead? I've only had it for 7 months and I bought it brand new. Any ideas how this could've happened?
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  3. Jerry_82 said:
    Does this mean my graphics card is dead?
    I've only had it for 7 months and I bought it brand new. Any ideas how this could've happened?

    You would need to put it in another machine for a test - if the card behaves the same, it would be proof that its dead. Otherwise, it could be motherboard fault at PCIe slot. You can check that possibility, if your motherboard has another PCIe x16 slot - just put your GPU there and see if you get display.
    How this can happen? Normal usage is quite a stress for any electronic device. If it's made perfectly, it should withstand it at least as long as warranty. But all it takes is a single solder made not well enough, and all of sudden working card can stop working after any period of usage. You actually should be happy that the card decided to die (if it did so) still in warranty.
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