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Hi just on start i want to say im new to PC gaiming.I bulid my first pc 2 days ago.Thats parts i use:
Asus prime b350 plus motherboard
ryzen 1600 3,2ghz
geforce gtx 1070 sc
Ram vengance ddr 8gh 2666hz.
In last fe days i was learning about pc gaiming parts and all that,but i play battlefield 1 and was thinking its be smooth on 60fps on high or ultra setting when i play online 64 player.I install fraps to check fps and to get 99% 60fps i need use most of settings on midium.
Dont get me wrong i coming from console and thats still looks way better then bf1 on ps4 pro.
Oh i play on 1440p and i know 1080p make me 60fps faster but problem is i bought asus vp 4k 60hz 28inches monitor for ps4 pro 2 weeks ago and 1080p not looks best on that display thats whyi use 1440p.
Did that performence is normal or im doing something wrong
I instal rog cpu-z and its show me core voltage 0.798-0.807
Also its show core speed 1546hz but my procesor is 3.2 is something wrong?Or is because i check that when im not in a game?
In bios show me 3200mhz and ddr4 2133 even i have 2666(and yes today i upgarde motherboard software to newest version)
Do its help when i overclock cpu from 3.2 to 3.8?And its that safe?Have just 2 fans but on 3.2 bios show me cpu temperatur only around 30-35.And i see vidio how to oveclock that cpu.
Only think im not sure is what voltage i should be use?VDDRC CPU Offset woltage what number i should be use?
I be realy happy is some one try explain my everything cuz like i say i just learning
Thank you
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  1. Hey!
    So first things first - you have a 1070 which I think should play on high settings, but definitely medium by the sounds of things...
    Your CPU is good as well, but overclocking will make it great.

    Ok - performance monitors:
    1) CPU speeds decrease when that extra power isn't needed. If you check your CPU monitor and the CPU is less than 3.2GHz, check your CPU usage because it should be anywhere from 30% to usually 60%.
    A core voltage as low as you have listed basically means that the CPU has slowed down to save power because it isn't needed. If it is at 3.2GHz then it should be somewhere around 1.2 or 1.3 volts.
    2) I don't really get what you said about the RAM speeds... if you have 2,666MHz but it shows as 2,133MHz, you may need to go the BIOS and enable the setting for X.M.P. profiles - this is a profile for the RAM that automatically adjusts the settings to make it go at its full speed. It should be really easy to find.

    1) CPU overclocking is a little more complicated than GPU overclocking, and beyond a certain point, you don't really get any more benefits. At 3.2GHz, you will see a big jump going to 3.8GHz, and Ryzen should do this well.
    I don't own a Ryzen CPU so I can't tell you exactly, but I am sure some other people will gladly help. Either that, or look on the internet forums for people like you who want to overclock their Ryzen CPUs.
    2) GPU overclocking - if your GPU is being pushed to the limit and is the bottleneck, you can overclock that really easily by using a program like MSI Afterburner (my favourite) or EVGA Precision X. If you are interested in GPU overclocking, just let me know!
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  2. So today i instal ryzen master setup voltage 1.350 and clock speed 3.8ghz
    Now question its normal when im in windows dont use any programs my clock speed is lower?My cpuid show 1.5ghz when im in windows but when i start stress test its jump to 3.7-3.8ghz its that correct?Or my cpu speed alweys need be around 3.8ghz?
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  3. Best answer
    Find solution for my fps drops.Loads of ppl say when you overclock in prime b350 plus bios is some bug.When im overclock to 3.8ghz setup all voltage like in video on youtube some how my cpu was alweys on 1.5ghz when i run stress test.So i back with bios to default and instal ryzen master,i know that dont have so many options like bios but doing overclock on RM i finaly have results my stress test keep my cpu 3.791-3.794 mhz with temperatur around 65-67(do long stress test leter)
    And omg i can run bf1 on high/ultra and keep 60fps,some time when is big mess in game i have drop to 56-58fps jus for a second.
    Game looks amazing and smooth:)
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  4. Wow awesome! I'm glad you got the performance you wanted!
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  5. But still not sure why bios not aloud me oveclock and put my cpu in 1.5ghz insted of 3.8:(Did cpu 66-67 is fine run 2h stress test
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