Drives "Still" disappearing, from my ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0

Hello, I have a lot of things and it's been more than a year. I have been reading in the forums and it seems like this is a problem regardless of Board. I have a ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 which I have already sent back for testing. They said it's all good and there is no errors. I have Samsung SSD 850 as my main drive. I had two terabyte drives as E: and F:, Windows will make them disappear. They are not in Disk Management console but they are in Bios. I have replaced the sata cables, I have switch drives using a fresh clean Hitachi (labeled and "named" "H" (that was a Windows suggested fix) I added it and it disappeared after reboot. Again, I see it in Bios fine. I have used WD tools and a couple other to see if I have locate these mystery drives. They, just like Windows don't see them. When I attach them to an external device like "Black x" the Windows will see it. I was able to back up all my data, but with a super tiny 128gb main drive it does no good. To add data, I have windows 10 upgraded from Windows 7. Also, All the USB connect external drives appear fine again and again. My blu ray and dvd player burner are also always showing up and they are also connected Sata. Any ideas? If I buy a new board, is there a chance I will that will solve it or this is a Windows thing?
I have seen this issue with different boards, not just mine. I am worried that buying a new board will not solve it.
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  1. unplug PC from power outlet (turn off PC) leave just one hard drive with Windows OS on it .remove bios battery for couple minutes then insert it back and power up.go in to bios and set HARD DRIVE as primary save and exit.
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  2. After doing that, I am getting a red cpu light. Prob bad.
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  3. after you get motherboard back from testing did it worked.
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  4. Greg Gregorich said:
    after you get motherboard back from testing did it worked.

    It still didn't show the drives when they returned it. The time was so short though I am very sure I got a "tested" refurb.
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  5. I am thinking more and more that this is a Windows 10 problem. I will have to think about reinstalling Windows 7 or having a new rig for gaming with Windows 7 since I already have a legit copy.
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