M2 setting reverting from x4 to x2 in BIOS


Every time I boot my PC it detects my 2nd M2 and notifies me to switch from x2 to x4 in BIOS for improved performance press F1 to enter setup. When I save the changes from x2 to x4 the computer will restart then 1 second later restart again and revert back to x2.

My 5/6 sata ports are not being used, only sata ports 1/2 are being used by my other SSD and my HDD. My Windows is installed on the other SSD, the only other setting I've changed in BIOS is xmp profile but the same thing happens regardless of the xmp setting, and my BIOS is up to date.
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  1. It looks like a BIOS issue, so I suggest contacting ASUS Support.
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    Fixed it.

    Even though it was working at x2 the M2 wasn't in all the way, approx 1-2mm of gold plating was still visible but wasn't going in any further. Fiddled with it in and out until it finally loosened up enough to go all the way in and the gold plating was no longer visible. Now the x4 setting does not revert to x2. Hope this help someone...
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