I cant install windows on my samsung 960 evo ssd.

When I plug in a usb stick with windows in it doesn't detect any drives. There is an install drivers option so I put samsung's nvme driver on a seperate usb stick but it tells me it doesn't detect any drivers on the other usb stick. I have no clue what to do so any help would be much appreciated
CPU ryzen 7 1700
Ram 2*4gb gskill ripjaws ddr4 3200
motherboard msi x370 gaming plus (on the latest bios)
GPU saphirre reference vega 64
storage drive samsung 960 evo
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  1. Try injecting the Samsung NVMe driver into the Windows boot.wim and install.wim.

    Instructions here: https://www.win-raid.com/t750f25-Guide-Integration-of-drivers-into-a-Win-image.html
  2. I should have clarified that the motherboard even tells me the slot is empty on the "board explorer" it shows a picture of your motherboard and you can hover over various things like USB ports of sata ports. It tells me it is empty.
  3. You have to configure the bios settings first to add the drivers

    What version of windows?
  4. I plan to install Windows 10. Sorry. I should have clarified that as well.
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