call of duty ww2 20fps

This come as a wierd thing but CoD single player works fine absolutely (70-80 med settings)
So I finished the SP and moved to MP.

Now the worst part is I'm only getting 20fps throughout the game, even on lobbies.
I've watched people who own the same card and they went the same FPS as the SP.
So I hope I'm not the only one experiencing this. Thanks whoever will help.

My gpu is updated.

GTX 750 Ti
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  1. Have you updated your graphics card? (using Geforce Experience) && maybe check your task manager to see if there is anything else running that's possibly using your resources.
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    What your cpu usage (total and on each core) and gpu usage when in game?

    In COD WW2 multiplayer my 4690k OC'd to 4.3Ghz is running flat out across all cores and sees occasional drops to about 55 fps. I have 16Gb RAM which may help as it reduces the shunting of data between RAM and my main drive.
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