Trouble accessing files from an external drive that came from a Mac, now on a PC

First off, sorry if this topic has been covered.

I have a Seagate BUP Slim SL SCSI Disk Device that I used to back up my old Macbook Pro. So I have all the files on there, and they are accessible from other Macs. I want to put all those files onto my Windows computer.
When I plug the external into my computer, I hear a sound that indicates the drive is plugged in, and it powers on normally.
I can see the external drive in the Device Manager under the Disk Drives section, but I don't see it in the Disk Management area or the left side of the File Explorer next to my other drives.

Why can't I access my files on my Windows PC but I can on a Mac?
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    why ? because you live in a capitalistic world full of proprietary technologies.
    In this particular case crApple computers are using HFS file system while micro$oft do not have native support for this file system - they actually do not support any file system that is not made by M$.
    so when you plug a disk formatted with HFS into a windows machine, windows does not know how to handle it.
    If all you need is to read files, install HFS driver for windows, if you also need to write to the disk, use something like HFS explorer.
  2. Mac computers have a file system called HFS+, while PCs with Windows have a preferred file system called NTFS. On their own, they can't understand each-others' file format. One workaround for this for you would be to download our free driver called Paragon, which will allow Mac systems to read/write to NTFS and will allow PC systems to read/write to HFS+.
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