Stutter/Jidder if FPS is between 60-100.


I have made a similar post before and i did not found a fix. I upgraded CPU since then and the problem is still there. I will try to explain the problem as exact as i can, so in every game that i play if the FPS is not 60, 120, or above 120, then there are stutter/jidders(i don't know exactly how to call the phenomena). Even if i set 100hz resolution + vsync on so i get constant 100fps i get the stutters.
My rig is:
144hz 1080p monitor.
GTX 1080
I7 8700
2x8gb HyperX Predator Black 3000mhz
650w psu corsair
1tb hdd wd blue

What could be the cause ?

I made two videos meanwhile to show the issue better.

60hz resolution

120hz resolution

PS: Somehow the video is hiding a bit the stutter but you can see the difference.

Thank you!
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  1. I did notice that films are stuttering too. Anyone can help me here? Could be the monitor the issue?
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