What is this?

What is this thing? (if you cant see it says 626 pc 3306) i found it at the bottom of my computer case one day about 3 weeks ago, but i didnt feel like searching what it was, but now im curious. I looked at multiple images of my motherboard and i found that there was something supposed to be in the place i circled red as well so im getting a bit worried. Does anybody know what it is?
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  1. A capacitor possibly.
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  2. hm... doesnt that mean my computer will break quick if i keep using it
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  3. By it's location it may have something to do with your audio or perhaps one of your unused expansion slots. I would just keep using the computer as you have been all along. If you haven't noticed any problems in 3 weeks you probably never will.

    The only serious problem i would ever worry about is if i see or smell smoke. Then it's probably time to buy a new machine.
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  4. Yes that looks like a capacitor. It fell off of it's own accord?!
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  5. Satan-IR said:
    Yes that looks like a capacitor. It fell off of it's own accord?!

    yeah it looks like it was never attached actually.
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  6. If it's still running fine probably nothing to worry about.
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