I7 8700k Auto OC or manual?

Hello. I have this system:asus ROG STRIX Z370-F GAMING, I7 8700k, corsair h75 hydro cooling,.... I tried to OC auto from bios to 4.8. And I got 85 degrees after 2 mins of stress in Prime 95. This is normal? Should I do manual OC? Cooling system Is ok for this OC?
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  1. That's 2 high for temps H75 is on the budget end for OC , won't get you real far and Auto OC are terrible.
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  2. So you recommend to change the cooling system and do a manual Oc? Can you tell me some voltages and options that I should change in bios I am a bit noob with this.
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  3. Make sure your h75 pump is running at the correct speed. I used the Asus 5-way optimization and it treated my pump like a fan running it at 300rpm. On a side note, I got better results from the Auto OC than from my manual OC.
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  4. Ok. I Will try. Ty.
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