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I'm planning on building a pc with the new intel i5 8600k and I'm wondering which aircooler is best fit to overclock this cpu. I'm looking for a good aircooler that can overlock the 8600k with no problem at all under 40 euro (around 46 usd).

Does someone have some good recommendations for a good aircooler that meet my requirements?
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  1. The Cryorig H7 is the go-to cooler at that price, but availability seems limited in Europe.
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  2. My Thermalright Macho rev. B is pretty sweet and super quiet.
    It can even be used without a fan in passive mode.
    But it is gigantic. That's a 140mm fan on the front.

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  3. Make sure you have good airflow in and out of the case, or the fan will just suck the hot air back into the cooler again.
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