My R7 370 Isn't stable at oc

Yesterday i decided to OC my Asus Strix R7 370 4GB.The stock core clock is 1030 and the memory is 1400.I Raise the core clock to 1150 and the memory to 1500(This OC is safe)And raise the power limit to +20.So when i play any game(I tried gta v, dota, cs go)The screen/image freezes but the sound is normal, example in cs go the image will freeze but the menu music is on and u can click anywhere but its stacked in one image...The core voltage is disabled i can enable it but i don't think that's a good idea because when i full screen on youtube 1080p and obove i get like pink (in second) but not like artifacts..Should i raise the core voltage and how much to be stable at 1150 and 1500.Also the temp is good it got strix so i don't think fan will be prob..(sorry for my english but i think u understand)
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  1. Its stable on 1070 core clock and 1450 memory.Now i will try same core clock with 1500mhz memory
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