Want to overclock my i5 3570

I recently bought a Intel HP 6300 SFF it includes:
i5 3570 (non-k) @ 3.40 / 4 Gig DDR3 RAM/ Integrated Intel HD 2500/ 250 Barracuda HDD 7200RPM. I want to overclock my CPU but seems like i can`t , its probably my motherboard but i`m not sure. My Hp 6300 is a SFF so don`t know if i can replace the motherboard and put it in a Tower case. I tried intel XTU to overclock, i ran a benchmark on my CPU and compared on there are many overclocked to around 4.5 or above but i can`t apply those profiles coz it says that i don`t have Overclocking enabled or my motherboard doesn`t support OC. So i need help because i`m not sure what to do and also about the GPU that i should , i`m not sure about what will work opr fit in here since i don`t know if i can change it to a tower, i was planning on buying a GTX 1050Ti but not sure what to do, i`ll link the Hardware info here , it includes motherboard model and such
Thanks in Advance! :)
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  1. You need a Z (Z68 or Z77) series motherboard to oc.
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  2. yes, it´s your motherboard. You will need a Z7x or P6x/Z6x chipset board to alter the settings to overclock the system a bit. Don´t waste your money on that. The CPU is capable to perform well as is.

    The 1050TI low profile and without extra PCIe power connector should work in the HP 6300 SFF
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  3. Thanks guys for the quick replies.
    So there`s no need for me to overclock? i want to play some games like GTA V(its currently running good at 27fps normal settings 1024x768) and mostly MMORPGs like BDO etc.i want to get some beautiful graphics, Processor is powerful i think because even when playing GTA V and running chrome its using around 40% of CPU or less.But higher is always better that`s i wanted to overclock. I`ll look into the motherboard and a Tower Case ifits all in budget i`ll buy them @Helpstar yes i did see a video just now i can fit that, but are there any others i can fit in it? any GPU better than 1050ti? i can get R9 290x or 470/480 . Sorry about this since i don`t know much about this stuff never did this before, was just playing on Cloud Pcs (Liquidsky).

    Edit: Can you tell me about mobo models in general? I am currently looking and there are alot, i found this one Asus P8H61M2-TPM/SI, does this work as well?
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  4. Overclocking only gives you a 5-10% increase in performance and on the other hand you get a ton more heat as the CPU is working at a higher speed than designed.

    For an example when i play BF1 with my i7 6800K 6 six core 3.60GHZ CPU at stock sometimes the GPU usage may dip down to 90% thou the CPU is only at 45% 43C even in the heat of battle. But if i overclock all the cores to 4GHZ i get 55C i get 99% GPU usage nearly all the time. Thou my pc is a ton louder and my room hotter due to this so i didn't see the extra 15 frames at worth it so i went back to stock. With stock my average is ultra at 100fps but with the overclock i get around 115fps.

    So really theres no point
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  5. the P8H61 is a non overclockable H61 chipset, which should work, but if replacing the current board, I would get at a Z77 chipset. More stable and better quality.

    the HP board should handle a 290x or 470/480 but probably your power supply won´t.

    better cards will work if you get an ATX tower and a new power supply with additional PCIe power plugs
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  6. @Wayfall Thanks alot, it makes sense i will only be spending more money even tho stock is doing just fine anyway i can say Goodbye to Overclocking for now then, Now remaining problem is GPU. @helpstar which power supply do you suggest? And i think 290x and others should fit in SFF by adjusting some stuff , i may be wrong but converting a pre-built PC into tower seems like a hassle to me. But if its necessary i can get a tower and put this motherboard in it + a new PSU. Also if you can help me out with cards, i do not know which will be good for my current system, there are too many to choose from. i can get a card for 150$ or so (my system is 130 tho lol).
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  7. Also to verify this is at 1440p
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  8. Best answer
    you will have to use an adapter as well, because this HP needs different power connectors than usual ATX motherboards:

    the quickest solution would be installing a GTX1050 TI low profile
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  9. @Helpstar Yea i`ll probably have to coz of HP, Ss my best solution is to use 1050Ti for time being? And i won`t have to use any other PSU or anything to add in the current system if i`m to use 1050Ti low profile? I can just adjust it in and start using? It probably doesn`t need any PSU coz its a low profile.
    Edit: I just looked at some , how about the GTX 1050Ti LP mini 4GB? If it doesn`t make any difference than should get that i guess , its cheaper than normal one.
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  10. should be fine, yes
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  11. Thanks! Just in case, can i use any AMD GPU? (4gig) Since i like AMD stuff, also if i can use 750Ti, its going super cheap on a sale here for like 40$.
    Edit: Will it be absolutely necessary to get a new PSU if i were to buy the 1050ti with no LP?
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  12. low profile is not the problem with the psu but the case.

    if the video card needs an extra PCIe power connector, than you will need a better PSU.

    750TI will do too, but with less fps:

    most better performing AMD cards will need a new PSU as well, because these usually consume more power
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  13. Thanks alot @Helpstar! That really helps! I`ll go for 1050Ti low profile for now :) Thanks everyone for helping me out!
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  14. you are welcome :)
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