Custom Waterloop i7 4790k temps. Are they too high?

Hi guys,

Long time reader/follower first time poster.

Forgive me, I know this topic has been raised and answered a million times.

I have just completed my first ever custom loop. I've always been interested in custom loops but have never done it until now.

Firstly my system specs:

Case: Phanteks pEvolv ATX
Motherboard: Maximus VII Formula
CPU: i7 4790k currently not overclock d
Graphics card: Asus Strix 1080
Radiator: EK CoolStream PE 360 40mm Radiator with 3 X 120mm Corsair SP120 fans
CPU waterblock: EK Supremecy Eco
Res/Pump combo: EK Xres Revo D5

I currently have my 360 rad mounted on the a top of my case with the fans pushing out. I am cooling my CPU and motherboard, as the Formula VII comes with a factory waterblock installed, but am planning to integrate my GTX 1080 into the loop soon when funds.become available to purchase a GPU block for it.

A few questions I've got if you don't I mind:

Accordinging to AI Suite 3, my CPU idle temperature sits around 30 degrees Celsius and occasionally jumps to around 35 degrees. I've read somewhere that Prime 95 isn't the best way to measure load temps on i7 chips but I did it anyway and the load temps hovered around 60-65 degrees. Ambient temperatures are around 23-26 degrees.

Will my 360 rad be sufficient in cooling my GTX 1080 when I eventually integrate it into the loop or should I think about another rad? Note that my case will only fit another 240mm rad in the front.

What should I think about these temperatures? Are they too high for a 360 rad?

Any advice, even unrelated to my questions are appreciated.

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  1. Nice work there.

    Your 360 Rad should have enough capacity for a GPU as well. Obviously you should get a bit higher temps when adding a GPU but you should still be fine. Obviously adding another rad could offset those higher temps.
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  2. Thanks for your reply. Any comment on my current CPU idle temps? From the research I've done, I think my CPU idle temps should be lower.
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  3. Your idle temperatures look pretty normal for your ambient temperature and the load temps in P95 look good too.
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  4. I just booted up hwinfo and there was a huge difference between AI Suite and hwinfo readings. Hwinfo reported my CPU temps at 90 degrees while Ai Suite showed 60-65!

    I immediately stopped Prime95. This has just confused me more..what is the real temperature? Ai Suite's 60's or hwinfo's 90's??
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  5. I prefer RealTemp for monitoring core temperatures
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