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OK so I have Corsair Vengeance DDR4 RGB 16gb 3000mhz Ram Inatalled Ram and Noticed it's on 2133mhz and not the Advertised 3000mhz.....I Have a z270 m7 motherBoard with i7 7700k and gtx 1080ti will my system be Faster with My Ram on 2133mhz or Do I need it on 3000mhz(Will it make a Difference) Oh and if I can Get it to 3200mhz will that be Even Better Performance and Also with it being Overclocked to 3200mhz will my Ram Have Problems and Die Faster I managed to get it to 3200mhz Completely Stable Playing BF1
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  1. I fail to see anything about Video RAM, It's on your GPU, it's VDDR5 and has nothing to do with rest of your system. Faster system RAM does help performance, somewhere more somewhere less and if it's 100% stable overclocked it's not a problem.
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