Pentinum G3258 oc review

Hey all. I finally figured out how to oc my cpu properly, but I want some tips such as whether or not I should attempt to lower my voltage(I know lower is better)or if its fine where it is etc. Also, I set the multiplier in the bios to 45(4.5 ghz) but according to both task manager, intel xtu, and cpu-z, max I can go is 4.19 with current settings. What did I do wrong?


Core voltage: 1.329
Core speed:4199(should be 4500)
Multiplier:x 42.0(read above)
Bus speed: 98.98 mhz

I disabled turbo mode because i heard that it sometimes interferes with overclocking. Should i re enable that? Also, my motherboars is an h81ma
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