Which cooler to buy? AIO w/ i5-4670K

Since my question about cooling pertains to overclocking I am posting here. Also because I know that overclockers know the most about coolers usually.

I have four different options for cooling to go with. I don't care about noise just performance and price. So out of these four options what is the best option price to performance. I'd like some details about each one that you can personally give me as to the performance as well.

I will be using the cooler to overclock an i5-4670K to at least 4.6Ghz (hopefully if I have a chip from the top 50th percentile) other wise around 4.4 - 4.5Ghz. I'd of course like the temps to stay around 85c MAX when under load but 80c or less preferably using P95.

Here are my options (used items are verified in fully working condition):
Kraken X61 (used) - $75 (flat)
Kraken X62 (new) - $110 (flat)
H100i v2 (used) - $65 (flat) (maybe less if I can talk the guy down to maybe $55 or $60)
H115i (new) - $110 (Amazon + Taxes makes it a little bit more)

Thanks in advance for your help.
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    I like the new KRAKEN X62.
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  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    I like the new KRAKEN X62.

    I do too, but is it worth it price to performance compared to my other options?
    And if so, how so?
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  3. I think so , it's one of my favorite AIO's.
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  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    I think so , it's one of my favorite AIO's.

    Ok. It'll be kind of wiping out my funds at that price but I do see a lot of good things about it compared to the X61 and the H115i.

    Also, what settings to you recommend for testing and OC in P95. I've used the blend mode before but it never seems to push the temps as hard as small FFT.
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  5. Did you run 26.6?
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  6. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Did you run 26.6?

    I'm not sure what version it was but it was a while back when I was OCing my 3570K. I have yet to OC this 4670K.
    The current version I'm running now is 29.3 and just doing a stress test with it on stock speeds to make sure that the fans spin up properly on the air cooler it came with. I just bought This PC off craigslist and took it apart and cleaned all the components and freshly pasted the CPU and swapped out some parts from my old system like the GPU and RAM and HDD since my previous system had better in that department but this one has the better CPU with mobo and SSD. Running P95 on this CPU with stock speeds I noticed that the small FFT option puts my temps up to 60c w/63c peak and the blend mode seems to only make it go up to 50c. Perhaps I just needed to wait longer for the blend mode to kick in. But regardless, do you have any personal settings preference that you would recommend me to use when stressing and testing for stability?
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  7. I guess I should also mention that I noticed that when stressing turbo boost wasn't being activated. I so those temps were for 3.4Ghz.

    Also, the motherboard is an ASUS Z87-A.
    Will it work with the PWMs for the cooler? I am assuming so since it has two 4-pin connectors next to each other for the CPU one labeled CPU fan and the other Opt. CPU fan. So I am assuming that I would plug the fans into the first one and the pump into the opt. one.?
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