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Hello. Im currently trying to overclock my a8 7650k a bit, but my mb(msi a68hm p33 v2) does not have voltage control in bios so when im changing the multiplier, the voltage is automaticay bumped way more than needed. I was thinking to use amd overdrive to lower the voltage, so far it works but im concerned wheter its ok or not. Its ok to set the multiplier from bios and then apply a different voltage on startup from amd od? Or should i completely overclock with overdrive? It sucks that they greyed out the voltage control, at least they should have let you undervolting it, my cpu vcore is almost 1.4 at stock. Im not concerned about temps, im having 2 cass fans and aftermarket cpu, while gaming it doesnt go above 40c.
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    Sure. That is fine. Just go in small steps and terst to make sure your system is stable.
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  2. Thanks.
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