HELP: Brand new 1080ti- Crackling/popping out of speakers + glitching/skipping during benchmarks

So originally I had a 980ti which seemed to work really good for awhile but then I decided to upgrade to a evga gtx1080 sc cuz I had the extra money and also planned on buying a 2k or 4k monitor soon after.. after using the 1080 for a few days playing gta5 on max settings and NVidia DSR in 1440p i saw that my framerate was good but wasn't gonna cut it for me specially if I ever go with a 4k monitor. Having spent $660 on the 1080 already at BestBuy after tax, I felt like what's $170 more? I saw that the aorus extreme 1080ti was selling on Newegg for $799 NO tax and decided to go with that and return my 1080 to BestBuy... this way I was a little more futureproof for not that much extra money.

Before installing the 1080ti I had never had any issues with any of the previous cards I ran in my computer.. and then only thing that has changed is the GPU.

My setup:
Intel i7-7740x -cpu -Overclocked to 5.2ghz
Aorus extreme x299 gaming 3 -motherboard
Aorus Extreme 1080ti -Graphics card
Corsair RM750x -power supply
Corsair vengeance RGB 2x8gb 3000mhz -ram -Overclocked to 3200mhz
Corsair H100i in push/pull with 4x sp120 High performance fans -cooler
1x Samsung evo 850 PRO 256gb -BOOT
1x Samsung evo 850 500gb -GAMES
1x WD blue 1t -HDD/storage/backup
Rosewill Full Tower -computer case
8-Casefans total -All fans are corsair and nzxt

My problem:
Let me start off by saying upgrading graphics cards and building computers isn't anything new to me, though I am still learning to an extent. When I upgraded from the 1080 to the 1080ti, before I even removed the 1080 I in-installed all of the NVidia drivers using NVidia in-install AND iObit uninstaller which deletes any left over files/directory files that the normal installer may have left behind. I then ran DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) program but did NOT run it in safe mode as I felt with the other two in-installers plus DDU that there would be no NVidia drivers left on my pc.
Afterword i rebooted my pc and I took a quick look/searched to make sure there was no nvida drivers left. Once I was sure i had gotten everything I shut down my pc and installed my new GPU.

I went straight to nvidas website to get my new 1080ti drivers and installed them. All seemed well and i played a few games GTA5 and Destiny 2 with out a hitch, framerate seemed great and all settings were maxed.. I was also using nvida DSR and tried 1440p as well as my native (1080p) res and all was fine and dandy.

I didn't notice any issues until later that night when I decided to run vally benchmark in 1080p and noticed my speakers popping and crackling, every time they would pop or crackle the image on the benchmark would have slight hesitation or a slight stutter.. I then ran it in 1440p with the same thing happening.

To make sure it wasn't just valley, I downloaded haven benchmark and tried both 1080p and 1440 with the same exact results.. i then downloaded a 3rd benchmark tool with again the same results, changing the res did not seem to make a difference, also down clocking my gpu didn't seem to make any difference..

I did notice that my card Boosts really high at stock settings, i was seeing like 2000-2030 easily in most cases it held stable between 2020-2030mhz. Does that seem really high for a stock 1080ti??
Other than that all my gpu temps are normal, my benchmarks when compared online seem normal as well as my framerates in games also seem normal for a stock 1080ti. My gpu temp never goes above 50--60c and I even made my own fan curve and upped the power and voltage limits in MSI afterburner NOTHING seems to change the skipping/shuddering/pooping and crackling.

I have NO CLUE what could be causing this issue... My hope is maybe it has something to do with a bad driver install, or maybe GeForce experience is messing with the card cuz when i first re-installed GeForce experience I accidently clicked "optimize all games"

It could also be a setting in my NVidia control panel?? Maybe something that is on that needs to be disabled or something that's off and needs to be enabled?

I did put the card in "performance mode" instead of "optimized" in nvida control panel, but i did that after the fact to try and fix the issue, which it did not..

Lastly I am running 2x Samsung monitors, 1x20" (1920) connected with DVI and 1x 27" (1080p) curved screen connected with HDMI

SOMBODY PLEASE HELP! I hope to god my brand new 1080ti isn't BAD.
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  1. seriously? nobody??

    I re installed all of my drivers today, making sure that there wasn't a trace left, even uninstalled msi afterburner and anything that could possibly mess with the new NVidia drivers on a re-install.. found that the driver I was on was a bad driver, ppl were complaining of the same results, so this time around I went to an older driver version, it seemed to do the trick until I tried to overclock it and then the noise slowly came back. its no where near as bad as it was with the first drivers but its still there..

    Also there are ppl saying you can do +500 on the mem and +150 on the core, I can barely get +20-+30 on the core which brings it to around 2050 with boost, and cant really go over +300 on mem, this is with voltage, power, and temps all maxed out...

    This is just redic, spend 800$ on a gpu that's worthless.

    Seems like anytime I get a GPU or CPU from new egg that its JUNK.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm ready to loose my mind.
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  2. Same exact issue, but no solution. I currently have a ticket in with Gigabyte for resolution. If you've found a solution, I'd love to hear it, but as of right now, i'm stuck with the same place :(
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    Only two things I could suggest are:
    1) Try doing a custom install of the graphics drivers and don't install the HD audio drivers that come with it. I assume you're using the motherboard audio.
    2) Maybe the increased power draw is revealing an issue with your PSU. Maybe, worth a shot.
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